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  • Five ways employers can help dads spend more time at home

    23 May 2018

    For years, the best companies have been asking themselves: what can we do to help women return to work after maternity leave? But with the news that here in Australia, in 2018, less than 5% of 2 parent families have a stay-at-home dad , you can’t help but ask: should the question be not what we can do for mums to help them return to work, but what we can do for dads to help them leave it?

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  • This common interview question fuels the gender pay gap

    23 May 2018

    Income mobility charts for girls, Asian-Americans and other groups. Or make your own. It's the latest sign that this has become the policy of choice for shrinking the gender pay gap . Several states, cities and companies have recently banned asking about salary history. They include Massachusetts, California, New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago, as well as Amazon, Google and Starbucks. Women continue to earn less than men, for a variety of reasons . Discrimination is one, research shows.

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  • Returning Mothers And The Gender Pay Gap

    23 May 2018

    Returning Mothers And The Gender Pay Gap Pip Wilson Tech entrepreneur, angel investor. Last month, the extent of the pay differences between men and women working in the United Kingdom was revealed for the first time. More than three-quarters of the 10,000 large firms that provided details of their gender pay gap to the Government conceded that men were paid more than women.

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  • Women in developed countries more educated than men, but still earn less: OECD | Reuters

    5 October 2017

    LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Women in developed countries are now more educated than men, yet they still earn less, are poorly represented in politics, and less likely to join the top ranks in business or become an entrepreneur, a global think-tank said on Wednesday. From Canada, Japan, Norway to Australia, young women on average earn almost 15 percent less than men, even though they are more educated, said the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

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  • Reality Check: Do women make companies richer?

    5 October 2017

    Reality Check: Do women make companies richer? BBC News 7 hrs ago "Having women on company boards leads to better financial performance" came the headlines from report after report, highlighting a business statistic guaranteed to capture the imagination and prompt debate. What better way to encourage companies to focus on equality and diversity than to make them think of their bottom line?

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