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  • ENSAE research: Gender disparity, maternity, pay

    25 April 2017

    Women who work in the French private sector see their pay reduced by 3% every time they have a child, according to new research from Université Paris-Saclay. Lionel Wilner, Director of Graduate Studies at engineering and statistics school ENSAE, founding member of Université Paris-Saclay, said that while mothers have a tangible reduction in their wages every time they have a child, the working fathers do not see any change in their earnings.

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  • The 7 habits of parents with work-life balance

    25 April 2017

    For some people the whole work-life balance thing can seem like an absolute myth, especially for hard working parents who are in the office five days a week.

    While work-life balance may feel impossible for those in traditional workplaces that still don’t fully get flexible work; it isn’t actually as hard as one might think to improve your own wellbeing at work and home – you can even thrive.

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  • How Gender Bias Corrupts Performance Reviews, and What to Do About It

    25 April 2017

    Annual evaluations are often subjective, which opens the door to gender bias. These biases can lead to double standards —­­ a similar situation gets a positive or a negative spin depending on gender. For example, one review described a woman as seeming “to shrink when she’s around others and especially around clients.” But a similar problem —­­ confidence in working with clients —­­ was given a positive spin when it was a man who was struggling with it: “Jim needs to develop his natural ability to work with people.” A content analysis of individual annual performance reviews shows that women were 1 ...

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  • Study Finds Women in Academia Do More Unpaid 'Service' Work

    25 April 2017

    image credit: iStock Like us on Facebook In today’s unsurprising news, a new study has found that women in academia perform more unpaid labor than men. Researchers writing in the journal Research in Higher Education say female professors are more likely—and more expected—to give their time to students, while their better-compensated male colleagues use those same hours to publish, conduct research, and advance their careers.

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  • How Office Culture Can Crush Women’s Ambitions

    25 April 2017

    Researchers have long been looking for solutions to what could be called the ambition gap. That’s the nagging discrepancy which often shows up in polling, where women express less interest in becoming senior executives than their male counterparts. It’s a frustrating dilemma, and one without simple answers. Encouragingly, companies are starting to investigate the problem and what can be done about it. But at least part of the problem, it seems, is companies themselves.

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