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  • Negoziatrici si diventa

    15 May

    La negoziazione avvicina posizioni apparentemente destinate a non incontrarsi mai, trasforma il conflitto in opportunità di...

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  • Gran Bretagna, le aziende possono (e potranno) obbligare le dipendenti a portare tacchi alti

    21 April

    Giovanna Ianni, Corporate Member e co - Director di PWN Milan, è intervenuta nel dibattito sulla 27esima ora riguardo alla...

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  • Volli, sempre volli

    10 April

    Forza di volontà, fiducia, formazione, apertura al cambiamento: una carriera all'estero non può prescindere da questi valori. Anche...

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Latest research

  • ENSAE research: Gender disparity, maternity, pay

    Women who work in the French private sector see their pay reduced by 3% every time they have a child, according to new research...

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  • The 7 habits of parents with work-life balance

    For some people the whole work-life balance thing can seem like an absolute myth, especially for hard working parents who are in...

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  • How Gender Bias Corrupts Performance Reviews, and What to Do About It

    Annual evaluations are often subjective, which opens the door to gender bias. These biases can lead to double standards —­­ a...

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