PWN Milan’s Mission

The mission of PWN Milan is to support the advancement of career-minded women in their professional growth and development, offering them the opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences and best practices.

We aim to provide our members with tools and techniques that enable assertiveness and empowerment. We work to build awareness of the challenges of the labour market, with the goal of helping women navigate the market to better fulfil their potential.

PWN Milan is made possible by the voluntary work of its board members and affiliates, who contribute to the growth of the organization with passion, enthusiasm and dynamism.

Independent of any political or corporate interests, open to all those women who wish to be protagonists of their own future, PWN Milan currently has approximately 300 members. We are managers, professionals and entrepreneurs, MSc graduates and young MBAs, coming from different countries, different industries, of different ages and at different career levels. Most of us have an international outlook if not background,  whether through education, career path, or simply perspective.

What we all have in common is the openness for discussion and the desire to break down the barriers to women’s progress, whether self-imposed, organizational or cultural.


  • We believe that better decision making, economic sustainability and a happier society will exist by leveraging 100% of the world’s talent. 
  • We are creating a movement of people who aspire to accelerate the current pace of change towards gender balanced leadership.  
  • We exist to connect people via our unique global network, inspiring the leaders of today to create exemplary leaders of tomorrow.
  • We create an environment where you, the members of the PWN community can support one another, embrace new skills, learn to speak out on the topic and create sustainable action plans.
  • Leveraging 100% of the world’s talent will result in better decision making and a economically sustainable, happier society. We aspire to accelerate the pace of change and to inspire our community to embrace new skills, support one another and put reforms into action.


YOU - women and men, your families; corporate PARTNERS, and their partners; collaborative institutions, academic establishments; other networks, forums and supporters of gender balanced leadership. Our COMMUNITY courageously speaks up and proudly puts our values into practice in their own organisations. 


We are a social catalyst focused on positive change via sharing KNOWLEDGE, BEST PRACTICES, TOOLS and TECHNIQUES through networking, learning events, instructive webinars and mentoring programs.

What We Believe In

  • RESPECT: Our volunteers, our partners and all who contribute to the advancement of gender balanced leadership
  • COURAGE: It takes bravery to advance real change
  • GRATITUDE: We are thankful for the contribution of every one of you, our supporters
  • COLLABORATIVE INTELLIGENCE: We work together to achieve great things
  • EXCELLENCE: We do the best we can – and love to exceed expectations
  • TALENT: We nurture talent to build a brighter future
  • PROGRESS: We make it happen!

What We Do

Create Safe Networking Environments

  • Meet and share ideas with people from a diverse range of industries, seniority levels and geographical locations – via our online member platform, or at local face-to-face events
  • Build alliances and do business together in a non-threatening, professional situations

Help You Develop Your Knowledge and Skills

  • Thought leadership webinars - helping you to understand the latest concepts and theories
  • Self-development webinars – building and refining your practical skills and competences
  • 600+ physical events, around the world, every year
  • Dynamic content on the latest and greatest insights to help you advance your career
  • Interactive Forums for you to discuss and debate with our global members
  • Advanced global online networking as well as face-to-face local networking
  • Offer volunteer opportunities – a great way for you to build your skills in a safe environment

Give You Access to Excellent Mentoring Programs

  • Bespoke local mentoring program – one to one or group mentoring
  • International virtual mentoring programs for senior leaders
  • Invovlement in EU funded projects, such as the ME-ToTEM Mentoring project

Inform You on Gender Balanced Leadership

  • Give you access to the latest research on gender balanced leadership
  • Collaborate, develop and share best practices to help organizations engage men in women’s development
  • Set up a network of male allies who are passionate about working together with women on collaborative leadership

Spread the Word

  • Continue to take PWN Global to the world by identifying the cities in which we can best serve potential members
  • Build a truly global presence - working closely with our corporate sponsors to have a presence in the areas they need us to be
  • Strategic partnerships with other networks and events including Women’s Forum, SAIS, WIN, JUMP, WiL, NASEBA, Global Summit, GWALS

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